Our Story

‘Inspired by the old handcrafted traditions, and the stories they tell.
Enchanted buildings and the treasures within.
Magic of childhood, and its unapologetic memories.’
 'Milk teeth' makes fun and sustainable products for small adventurers,

dreamers and little artists.

 Season after season, the brand proposes a new, imaginative world around a fun theme.
Based on these themes, our prints, illustrations and fabric characters take shape.
 We stand for having fun, and not taking life too seriously.
What we do take seriously: staying eclectic & comfortable, while being the best in kids’ fashion.
After all, it’s never too early to start a trend!
Age group
'Milk teeth' clothing and accessories are meant to be for the kids in their early learning phase.
    For now, it’s available for boys and girls, between 1 to 7 years. 

Keeping fun and learning as a tool, we’ve designed our prices chronologically. 

Earth and I
At Milk teeth, we do not believe in discarding things easily.
Every product has a shelf life longer than we all think ☺
Wear the products, look your stylish best and pass it on to the next little icon!
You’d only increase the fun quotient by doing so. 
Even our packaging is not meant to be dumped without deserving a careful look.
Our shoeboxes come with real dollhouse stickers, for you to make your own colorful versions.
Every garment comes with a small pouch to keep your next fallen milk tooth safe.
The pouch also comes with tiny moustaches and bows for the little fashionistas!


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