Remora Dress
Remora Dress
Remora Dress
Remora Dress

Remora Dress

Rs. 1,800.00

Remora are the fish that are beautifully patched on this two piece garment. It comes with a woven sleeveless dress and a crop tee on top.


Upper Crop top

For 2-3yrs : Length 26.6cm// Chest 27.9cm// Shoulder 31.7cm// Neck Circumference 34.2cm.

For 3-4yrs : Length 27.9cm// Chest 30.4cm// Shoulder 34.2cm// Neck Circumference 35.6cm.

For 4-5yrs : Length 28.5cm// Chest 33cm// Shoulder 36.8cm// Neck Circumference 37.5cm.

For 5-6yrs : Length 28.7cm// Chest 35.5cm// Shoulder 39.3cm// Neck Circumference 37.7cm.

For 6-7yrs : Length 30.4cm// Chest 36.83cm// Shoulder 41.9cm// Neck Circumference 40.55cm.

Inner Dress

For 2-3yrs : Length 53.9cm// Chest 27.9cm// Shoulder 21.5cm// Waist 26.6cm// Neck Circumference 42.7cm.

For 3-4yrs : Length 55.2cm// Chest 28.5cm// Shoulder 21.6cm// Waist 27.9cm// Neck Circumference 43.6cm.

For 4-5yrs : Length 55.4cm// Chest 30.4cm// Shoulder 22.8cm// Waist 29.2cm// Neck Circumference 43.9cm.

For 5-6yrs : Length 60.3cm// Chest 31.7cm// Shoulder 23.4cm// Waist 31.75cm// Neck Circumference 45cm.

For 6-7yrs : Length 61.5cm// Chest 33cm// Shoulder 24cm// Waist 33cm// Neck Circumference 45.4cm.



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